Creating bridges between types

With Extraverts

  • Let them talk and think out loud
  • Include a variety of topics
  • Expect immediate (re)action
  • Keep the conversation moving

With Introverts

  • Ask then listen carefully
  • Talk about one thing at a time
  • Give time to reflect
  • Don't finish their sentences

With Sensing types

  • Prepare facts and examples
  • Present information step-by-step
  • Stress practical applications
  • Draw on past concrete experiences

With iNtuitive types

  • Talk about possibilities
  • Use analogies and metaphors
  • Engage their imaginations
  • Don't overwhelm them with details

With Thinking types

  • Begin with the logical points
  • Consider cause and effect
  • Focus on consequences
  • Ask what they think
  • Understand their sense of fairness

With Feeling types

  • Begin with points of agreement
  • Appreciate efforts/contributions
  • Talk about people concerns
  • Ask how they feel
  • Understand their personal involvement

With Judging types

  • Be on time and prepared
  • Come to conclusions, nothing unresolved
  • Be decisive and definitive
  • Be organised, don't waste time
  • Try to stick with agreed plans

With Perceiving types

  • Expect lots of questions
  • Don't force a decision
  • Let them discuss many options
  • Give them choices
  • Be open to new information

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