ENTJ Credo: "I knew I was right"

ENTJ Keywords: Cuts to the chase, Organised, Opinionated, Long range planner, Gets on with it, Stimulating, Conceptual, Confronts, Energetic, Completes, Visionary, Controls, The Leader

The ENTJ is the natural leader - just ask them! They are confident, authoritative and will take the lead in situations - especially one which calls for organisation and marshalling of the troops. They don’t hesitate and their directness can often leave others reeling in their wake as the ENTJ will have little time for anything they’d see as woolly or obtrusive. As their least developed function is ‘F’ they may not truly comprehend the impact their behaviour has on others, often coming across as overly task driven, insensitive and impatient, and a bit of a bossy boots. (The ENTJ would take these as compliments!)

This is of course not intentional but they can display a lack of patience with those who don’t grasp things as quickly as they do, or who appear to be blocking the plan, and can be seen as intimidating, overbearing and a ‘know-it-all.’ Their desire to get the job done, moving from A-Z in the shortest possible time-frames, and using the quickest possible route may mean that the ENTJ will neglect the niceties of thanking people and showing them that they are in fact appreciated, again not intentionally - it is just another part of the ENTJ robustness.

The masters of change, ENTJs see what needs to be done and have the wherewithal to get on and do it, often taking harsh or courageous decisions even against the grain - the ENTJ has no problems bucking authority, indeed they’d secretly (or perhaps not so secretly), relish it! Rarely intimidated or feeling out of their depth, the ENTJ is always looking at ways of doing it better and in so doing increasing their own store of knowledge and experience.

The ENTJ is actually very friendly, outgoing and with bags of energy and enthusiasm, they like (indeed need), to be in the thick of it - although not in a subordinate role but leading the charge. They tend to be expressive and not shy about articulating how they are feeling although to be fair they expect this in return as they thrive on ‘robust debate and argument,’ (which you or I might call ‘confrontation!’). Organised, productive with high willpower, determination and an intense need to be constantly ‘on the go,’ the ENTJ will not sit back and see what life brings but will proactively go and make it happen, having a restless and unquenchable desire to fill the unforgiving minute.

This particular trait means that the ENTJ is often difficult to push off-course one they have determined the route of action. Any deviation would have to be eloquently and robustly argued and even then may not be enough to turn the juggernaut around - so bent on the goal and determined is it to get there. If you want to find the ENTJ then go where the action is - and you’ll probably find they’re leading it!

So the ENTJ is the action-oriented, conceptualist - almost a contradiction in terms. They love theories and ideas, abstract and concepts, and then want to move quickly to implement them. ENTJs are often seen as the leaders as they can articulate the vision of the future but have the 'J' quality to make sure it is implemented and carried through to conclusion.

Intellectual issues excite them but they will need to output this excitement and move towards closure - and in a straight line. Unlike the ESTJ who is also the action-oriented achiever, the ENTJ enjoys complexity, verbal sparring and will want to take a much broader perspective enjoying the more ethereal ideas; but only for a time.

ENTJs draw their energies from high impact interactions, challenging the status quo and getting things done. An ENTJ will have strong opinions, and has the confidence to express them openly. They do, however, expect others to do the same and may at times steam-roll other people as they may assume that everyone enjoys stimulating debate and is happy to engage in sparring, or indeed assume that silence is agreement.

This can be a handicap as the ENTJ may not always take the time to understand the smaller issues or the nuances, preferring to inhabit the conceptual world, valuing their ability to juggle many balls in the air at any one time. Conversely they may not have a great deal of patience with those who can't juggle or intellectualise so well.

Suggesting that, 'this is the way it's always been done,' does not push an ENTJ's buttons. Indeed it would be seen as a challenge and provoke an energetic response. ENTJs love the new, the untried, the unexplored, as they are essentially future-oriented. This may see an ENTJ fail to deal with the smaller, factual issues as transforming the new idea into a working model and getting as quickly as possible to conclusion will become their primary focus.

An ENTJ leader will take an interest in the whole organisation, devise long-range plans and everyone will be crystal clear on the direction. Others may disagree with that direction, but no-one will be in any doubt where the future lies. This can, at times, make the ENTJ appear confrontational and overly dominant. However, enjoying intellectual debate, the best way to resolve this would be to challenge back.

ENTJs have a natural tendency to lead, marshal and direct, people, resources and plans. The ENTJ also requires little encouragement to make a plan, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ is the credo and those who disagree may find themselves at the end of a moral crusade of ‘common sense.’

ENTJs are decisive - boy are they decisive! They see clearly and very, very quickly what needs to be done and then marshal the troops to make sure the plan is enacted - exactly as laid down. They are tough-minded and resolute in their beliefs (because their beliefs are ‘of course’ based on what ‘obviously’ needs to be done) and it would take a great deal robust argument to deflect the ENTJ form their chosen course of action. Paradoxically pandering to the ENTJ is less likely to bear fruit than entering the fray in a robust manner as the ENTJ is more likely to respect a robust and well-thought-out argument.

They can take it as well as dish it out! I asked an ENTJ at a job interview if he upsets folk. ‘Of course I do, how can you not when you’re determined to get things done!’ No equivocating there then!

In a team situation, the ENTJ will be the organiser, of materials, of people, of deadlines making sure tasks are planned and coordinated and that everyone is clear what is expected and what should happen next.

Famous ENTJs

  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Harrison Ford
  • Papa Smurf
  • Buffy (the Vampire Slayer)