• Communicate outwardly with energy, excitement and enthusiasm
  • Respond quickly to questions
  • Communicate comfortably one-to-one or in groups
  • May need to allow others a chance to speak
  • Think out loud, interact with others, to reach conclusions
  • Share experiences with others almost as soon as they happen
  • Share thoughts impulsively


  • Keep energy, enthusiasm and excitement inside, unless sharing it with someone close
  • Take time to think before responding to questions
  • Prefer communicating one-to-one
  • Might need to be encouraged by others to speak
  • Prefer to reflect and think for a time before reading conclusions
  • Internalise experiences before choosing to share them with others
  • Hesitate before sharing personal thoughts


  • Present evidence, facts, details and examples first
  • Rely on personal experience to illustrate and clarify points
  • Follow the agreed structure in meetings
  • Prefer suggestions to be straightforward, feasible and practical
  • Want to know the practical and realistic applications of data
  • Use detailed descriptions frequently


  • Present insights, concepts and ideas first
  • Rely on instincts and imagination to illustrate points
  • Create the structure as they go along when necessary
  • Prefer others’ suggestions to be novel, unusual and challenging
  • Want to know the implications and future opportunities suggested by information
  • Use metaphors and analogies liberally


  • Weigh the pros and cons of each situation
  • Show objectivity and can readily critique ideas and people
  • Convince others by logical reasoning
  • Present goals and objectives first
  • Factor people’s feelings and emotions as a single data point among others
  • Focus communication on tasks


  • Consider how a given situation affects people
  • Show appreciation and can readily empathise with people and their ideas
  • Convince others with emotion and impact on people
  • Build relationships first
  • Factor people and feelings more than logic or objective argument
  • Focus communication on relationships


  • Agree schedules timetables and realistic deadlines
  • Prefer long range planning
  • Encourage others to move their thoughts to conclusions
  • Focus on results and achievements
  • Prefer purpose and direction


  • Dislike schedules and deadlines
  • Enjoy adapting to last minute changes
  • Accept we may not reach a conclusion
  • Focus on options
  • Prefer flexibility and change

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